U.S. Soccer Consider Creating International Tournament for Nations that missed out on the World Cup – Bosnia a possible participant?


If you are familiar with U.S. college basketball – you have undoubtedly heard of the NIT Tournament.  A sort of – silver lining championship – for teams that missed out on the big dance.  U.S. Soccer and SUM are now mulling creating a similar international soccer tournament, set to take place during the summer of 2018.

The idea is still in the development phase but gaining traction as several big ticket teams, such as Italy, the Netherlands, Chile, Ghana, Wales, and others.  The U.S. missed out on the World Cup thanks to an epic 1-2 away loss to Trinidad & Tobago.

As we know, Bosnia and Herzegovina also failed to qualify, but are set to take on the U.S. and Mexico in a series of friendlies at the beginning of this year.  If the SUM tournament does take place, could Bosnia be invited back?  Possibly, but then again, the whole idea is a long shot to begin with.  The tournament has to be negotiated, organized, and marketed all in under a 7 month timeframe, which is a challenge to say the least.  The U.S. does possess a wide variety of high capacity sports stadiums and with the rise of the MLS in recent years, there is sure to be an appetite for such a tournament.



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