Adidas Release New Bosnia Home Kit

It’s that time again.  The designers over at adidas have released the new Bosnia and Herzegovina home kit.  The jersey is composed of a mainly dark navy color, with a slightly lighter blue sash running from from the upper right shoulder to the lower left corner.  On the side are the traditional three stripes, in gold.

The shorts and socks are also rumored to be a dark navy color.  To remind readers – Bosnia’s traditional home colors are white tops, blue shorts, and white socks, or blue tops, white shorts, and blue socks.


Even though this design delineates from tradition somewhat, the lighter blue sash and gold is reminiscent of the medieval Bosnian royal seal (Kotromanic for you history nerds out there!).  The kit has definitely received a mixed reception but could be an instant classic if the team performs, which is a big if at this point.

European customers can already purchase the jersey from adidas.



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