Bosnian “Wunderkind” Dal Varesanovic Signs for Liverpool

It seems like every few months we hear of the next “Bosnian Messi,” or “Bosnian Ronaldo,” in the local papers, but rarely does anything amount to the piles of praise that are heaped on the myriad of youngsters from the Balkans.

However, it seems as though a concrete step was taken this week, as legendary Liverpool FC have secured the signature of 16-year-old Bosnian “wunderkind,” Dal Varesanovic for a reportedĀ Ā£43,000 from FK Sarajevo. Ā It is rumored that Varesanovic rejected Barcelona in favor for the move to England.

Those that pay attention to the Bosnian youth teams know that Varesanovic is one of the most promising young players in the system at the moment.

The talented midfielder possesses quite the arsenal with impressive passing, technique, and even an eye for goal.

It remains to be seen if Varsesanovic will pan out for LFC and Bosnia, but the early signs are promising.


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