Bosnian fans bring Syrian refugee boy to a match with them

For every negative football story there seem to be dozens of positive ones to counteract it. Even though the Greece-Bosnia-Herzegovina World Cup 2018 qualifier in Athens brought some ugly scenes to the forefront, including the mistreatment of fans and fascist banners being unfurled, it did have one touching moment.

According to one Bosnian fan who traveled as part of a larger group, a Syrian refugee boy joined them in their match viewing in Athens.

The boy joined them when an organizer asked the group if he could accompany them on the train and travel to the same station with them, as to not get lost.  The fans went one step further and offered a spare ticket to the boy.  Finding out they are from Bosnia, and also Muslim, resulted in hugs and a never ending smile from the boy.  Later he told the group, “This is my dream.  My first match, ever.”

That’s what football should be about, not this.

More on Twitter @albinkohasic


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