The Importance of Professionalism and Stability

After the disappointment of losing to the Republic of Ireland in the EURO2016 qualifiers, many of my fellow fans were ready to throw the baby out with the bath water. Dzeko was no longer a diamond, and the back of Miralem’s jersey might as well have read Panic. Interestingly, there were already calls for Bazdarevic’s head, this early on into his tenure. However, if Bosnia is to mature as a national team side – we have to begin by showing some maturity.

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Zukanovic’s Long Climb to the Top

Albinko Hasic


Ervin Zukanovic is a man that prescribes to that old Bosnian notion that nothing worth going after should be rushed.  Patience in all aspects of life.  His football career certainly took a lot of patience to arrive at its current stop.  Looking at the Roma defender, nothing seems out of the ordinary.

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We Should Embrace Our Balkan Temperament

Albinko Hasic

How many times do we have to hear it from Bosnian journalists?  Every time the national team(s) hit a snag of some sort –and especially after a bitter loss – there is usually a main culprit.  Our “Balkan mentality/temperament.”  That’s why we lost.  We’re just too damn hotheaded.  It’s our watermelon sized big Bosnian domes that got in the way.  Skill had nothing to do with it.  If we were even-keeled like those Nordic and Baltic (not Balkan) nations, we would be whooping ass and taking names.  Yes, that’s why Lithuania and Estonia are national teams to replicate (no offense Lithuania and Estonia, you know I love you).

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