Sead Kolasinac: Tailor-Made For Klopp’s Liverpool

Sead Kolašinac, Bosnia’s big burly bull of a player is an acquired taste for many fans.  His critics would point to his rash decisions, unbridled tackling and aggressive style.  One of his tackles landed Real Madrid’s Jese in the hospital, after all.

For Bosnians, he’s exactly what the doctor ordered.  Along with compatriot Muhamed Besic – a tenacious warrior in his own right – Kolasinac brings something to Bosnia’s team that has been missing for quite some time, tenacity, grit, and unbridled resolve.

As one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s footballing legends, Ivica Osim would say, a good team only needs one architect and a few engineers.  The rest need only roll up their sleeves as ordinary workers.  Even though Kolasinac would probably be classified as the latter, this does not take away from his abilities or slight him in the least.  Kolasinac is a worker of the highest order.  With stamina to boot, considerable strength and speed, and well-timed tackling to his name, Kolasinac has excelled in the Bundesliga with Schalke.

The German-born 22-year-old has accrued 82 matches for Schalke since his promotion to the senior side.  Even though he came up through all of Germany’s youth teams, Kolasinac ultimately chose Bosnia as his senior national team of choice.  For Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kolasinac has been a major upgrade at the left-back position, which has been a revolving door over the years.   Kolasinac started against Argentina in Bosnia’s World Cup debut in 2014, and even though Kolasinac scored an own goal (the fastest in World Cup history, actually) he showed enough maturity and resolve to play well for the remainder of the match, despite the blunder.

Unhappy with his total playing time for Schalke this season, Kolasinac now finds himself wanting out of Germany.  With suitors like Roma, Chelsea, Manchester City, and Liverpool knocking on the door, Schalke will be hard pressed to say no.  With all of the options available to Sead, perhaps one stands out the most, Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool side.

Forget the fact that Klopp knows Kolasinac’s game in depth, having watched him play during his time with Dortmund, and as part of the Ruhr Derby against Schalke.  Kolasinac is Klopp’s type of player.  A versatile defender with bottomless tanks of energy the spirited Kolasinac would be a loyal soldier in Klopp’s regime and like his cross-town compatriot Besic, undoubtedly a fan favorite eventually.

Valued at only 7M euros, Kolasinac is a steal in a market of overinflated prices for premier defenders.  Although the Bundesliga proved to be fertile grounds for Kolasinac, his true home is the Premiership, and he knows it.  The fast-paced, physical playing style would be a Disneyland of football for the young Kolasinac, who would be able to shine in his element with a top club like Liverpool.  A top manager like Klopp would be able to mold the player for years to come in service of the fans.

It remains to be seen where Kolasinac ends up but Liverpool should counter their rivals Everton who are grooming a Bosnian cult hero in Besic with one of their own.


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